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St Joseph's CE Junior School Family, together growing in learning, knowledge, life skills and love.

'Love one another as I have loved you’
John 13:34-35

Curriculum Intent Statement

Our curriculum will give the children the opportunity to:

  • Opening horizons through Gods guidance, allowing them to fulfil their God given potential   
  • Develop their creativity through a broad and balanced curriculum where all subjects are valued. 
  • Engage in a curriculum that prepares children for the next stage of their education and life in the real world
  • To be motivated by challenge through the enjoyment of learning.
  • Achieve and move forward in their learning from their individual starting point 

Values for life

We are proud to be a church school. We have links with the local church, and we want the pupils to understand that they are part of a community. The local church community is an integral part of our school. For example, through ‘Open the book’ worships where the adults bring to life stories from the bible. Each year group makes visits the beautiful Chichester Cathedral, and we encourage pupils to feel proud of their city.  Through our curriculum pupils understand that they are part of a much bigger community, nationally and internationally.

The Curriculum at St Joseph's CE Junior School  

At St Joseph's CE Junior School, we aim to deliver a curriculum that is right for our learners that ensure they are happy, successful and ready for the next phase of their lives.  We are proud of all the pupils in our school

We encourage an ‘I can’ attitude. Integral to the success and the engagement of our children, we believe that children learn by being actively involved and experiencing things first hand.  These experiences include:

Year 3

Fishbourne Roman palace and Chichester walk

Year 3/4 Weald and Downland Open Air Museum

Year 4

Chichester Festival Theatre

Year 5

Marwell Zoo, South Downs Planetarium

Year 6

Imperial War Museum - London, Novium Museum, Parliament week, Cobnor Activity Centre

Our class topics capture the engagement of all pupils because we know they learn best when they are stimulated and motivated by the topic.

A Curriculum for Everyone

At St Joseph's CE Junior School our curriculum is designed to ensure that the needs of all children are being met within an environment of high ‘quality first teaching’. Our Special Needs Coordinator (SENCO) provides individual learning plans where needed to ensure pupils are able to access all learning.

Regular training and monitoring supports high quality teaching in our classrooms for all our learners.  

Please have a look at the curriculum for each of our year groups:

  “For further information on the curriculum we have a curriculum overview evening that parents can attend in September.  This is an informal meeting with your child’s new class teacher for you to find out about the curriculum your child will receive for the new academic year.”

If you have any queries or questions about our curriculum, please contact the school office to speak with the headteacher.


At St Joseph's we have taken on the Destination Reader approach to reading in all our year groups.  This involves daily sessions incorporating whole class modelling prior to children applying these skills. Through partner work and independent reading children deepen their understanding of the text they read through the systematic use of a series of strategies and language stems.  


Mathematics at St Joseph's CE Junior School is taught through a mastery approach focusing on developing the children’s ability to deeply reason.  Lessons follow the ‘White Rose Small Steps’ scheme of lessons which initially begin with ‘Varied Fluency’ questions introducing a topic and practising the skills of calculation, continuing on to ‘Reasoning and Problem Solving’.  Anchor tasks in mathematics ensure that all pupils are starting their learning at the correct point and supports the teachers in ensuring that each child is fully stretched to progress when they are ready and that each moment of mathematical learning is maximised.


Children are taught handwriting using the cursive script. Grammar and punctuation are taught using a progression of skills that are taken from the National Curriculum and children are given the opportunity to write both fiction and non-fiction genres.  All children also have the opportunity to write across the curriculum, for example; a report of an historical event; instructions for a science experiment, in their foundation subjects.


Please click on each Year group  on the right  to access our topic overviews.

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